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Investments tend to become more profitable when they are done over a long period of time, as a rule of thumb, the longer the duration of the investment, the more profitable it is, provided the assets upon which the investments are based are profitable.

A Typical example is Berkshire Hathaway. If you invested $1000 in Berkshire Hathaway in 1964, it would be worth about $24 million by 2020. So if you are looking for the best time to invest, the time is now.

Knowing that investments are profitable over a long duration, it is advisable to start investing at a young age, in your early twenties, that way you can set several investment objectives and build several investment portfolios. An example is a young man in his twenties yet to be married, he has little responsibilities, so he is able to set aside a lot of money for savings and investments, he can afford to take advantage of the benefits of compound investment and have about five investment portfolios which will include long term investments such as investment for retirement, purchase of a home and college fund for the kids, then short term investments such as investment for a vacation or the purchase of a car. Having said that, even if you are in your fifties, it’s not too late to start your investment journey, you will still get enough returns before retirement.


It is important to have done these things before putting your money into investments.

  • Clear Off Debts.

Paying off debts while investing might be a burden on you and you might end up pulling funds from your investments to pay off your debts or pay for an expensive vacation which will render your investment useless, so ensure you pay off debts and have enough savings for recurring bills and trips before investing.

  • Build an emergency fund.

An emergency fund is usually about three to six months of your income which can sustain you for a while should in case you lose your job or an unexpected emergency or situation comes up. This will protect your investment as your emergency fund will be used to take care of such emergencies.


When you have done all these and you are ready to invest in the financial market if you decide to go about investing by yourself, make sure to carry out enough research about the stocks or bonds you choose to invest in before making such investment so as not to lose your capital. Should you choose to give your capital to professionals to invest for you, Secure Capital Limited is a reliable investment company that you can use to make your investment in the financial market. Visit www.securecapitallimited.com to start your investment journey today. We have investment packages for both long term and short term investors. We also offer compound investments for those that want to take advantage of holding investments for a long period of time to make large profits.

Our investment service is safe and reliable, as we have the best hands in the field managing your investments for you. Invest with us today for a safe and secure future.