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Aside from just getting a house or an apartment to live in, there are a lot of factors that many people consider before purchasing a home or deciding where they would like to settle down, get a job, get married, raise kids, etc. Some of the basic factors include a good road network, steady supply of electricity, portable water supply, security and safety, peace and serenity, other factors that many might not consider important are closeness to the beach, presence of a garden or park, shopping malls, resort, golf clubs, and other leisure facilities. This might be because access to these facilities are perceived as luxuries and they are only reserved for the rich and not the common man, but what if you could get housing in an environment that offers these luxuries at an affordable price, sounds impossible right? well, this article will help you discover where you can get affordable housing with all your desired luxuries.


In Nigeria, only a handful of neighborhoods offer the basic amenities and some other “luxuries” needed to make a residential community attractive to investors, developers, and homeowners, and some of those that have all the necessary requirements are usually very expensive. Using banana island in Lagos as an example, the island offers its occupants, a high level of security, constant electricity and water supply, good drainage system, street lights, family parks, convenience shops, pools, minibus system, a golf course, a private health, and sports club as well as a panoramic view of the Lagos lagoon. The island truly offers a lot of luxuries to its occupants, but at a very great price, purchasing a three-bedroom apartment on the island costs $2million, renting the same property costs about $150,000 per annum and a service charge of $17,000 and the occupants have to pay for 2years in advance. For a country where more than 60% of its population lives on less than $2 per day, you would agree that these luxuries are not affordable for the average homeowner.

While those facilities/amenities are made available for the rich in that part of the island, other residential neighborhoods offer varying amounts of basic amenities too to their occupants, one example is the makun city situated along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway. The mini-city offers its residents an African themed resort and a nature park amongst other facilities.


Location: Km 53/55 Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, before Sagamu Interchange)

Type: Large Scale New City Development


Outright Purchase: N3,000,000

Investment Purchase(6months): N2,000,000


Outright Purchase: N6,250,000

Investment Purchase(6months): N4,000,000


Outright Purchase: N8,950,000

Investment Purchase(6months): N5,000,000


Outright Purchase: N11,950,000

Investment Purchase(6months): N7,000,000

Investment Purchase(12months): N5,000,000

New Makun City is a master-planned greenfield development. It is designed to serve as a catalytic hub to enhance the tourism, residential and commercial attractions of Ogun State.

Located 49.5km from Ikeja, Lagos and 62km from the Governor’s Office in Abeokuta, it is designed to define new standards for the creation of large scale urban cities.

In order to expedite the process and reduce cost, the construction of the first phase of 200 housing units in conjunction with Nigerian Refinancing Mortgage Company, Family Homes Fund and Ministry of Finance is being implemented with heavy reliance on technology, particularly the use of Aluminium formworks and poured concrete. The model city is being developed into 10 major districts which are:

4 Residential Districts
An African Themed Resort
A Convention Centre, Mall & Budget Hotel
A Nature Park
2- Commercial Districts
A Heavy Manufacturing District

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