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The real estate industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world, millions of people invest in real estate and make tons of money in the financial market, some other people invest in the real estate market to acquire properties in the long run. Whether you want to invest in the real estate market to make profit or you want to invest to acquire properties, this article will help guide you through the process.


There are a number of real estates investment instruments that investors in the financial market make use of, some of them include:

  1. Rental properties: the most common form of real estate investment that has been in existence for a long period of time is the erection of a building and then leasing it out to tenants. This provides regular income for the building owner and it also has the potential to increase revenue as the value of the property appreciates.
  2. House flipping: this basically means the acquisition of a property for a reasonable value and then selling it off for a higher price after a period of time, sometimes the building owner would have to make some renovations and remodeling on the property before selling it off for a higher price.
  3. Real Estate Investment Groups(REIGs): This group usually comprise of a company that builds estates and rental homes, investors then buy and own these properties, while the company manages the properties, handles leasing to tenants, etc, the company gets a percentage of the rent while the investor gets the rest.
  4. Real Estate Investment Trusts(REITs): This investment instrument is good for investors that want to invest in non-residential properties. Corporations use investors’ money to purchase and operate income properties. REITs are bought and sold on the major exchanges, like any other stock. Investors are paid dividends monthly by the corporation.

While all these investment options help you make money in the real estate market, you don’t directly own these properties. To own properties, you have to buy them by making a one-off payment or make a down payment and put it into investment and in some months’ time when the investment matures, you acquire the property, the later is offered by Secure Capital Limited.

Secure Capital limited partners with state governments and private companies all over the country to provide you with affordable residential properties that you can finance through investment. Visit our website at www.securecapitallimited.com/service/real-estate/ to view available properties and choose your desired property then make an outright payment of a 6month or 12month investment for the property.

The longer the investment duration for the property, the lesser the amount you have to pay for the property, for example, the 12month investment option allows you to pay less than half the value of the property for you to acquire the property, this removes the burden of having to pay a large lump sum to acquire a property, also this lets you acquire multiple properties with a little sum of money.