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With the rise in the rate of cancer and other strange diseases, many are beginning to pay attention to the things they eat. That has led to many arguments over what is healthy and what is not healthy. This argument has not excluded milk and other dairy products, especially with the rise in plant-based milk like soy milk, almond milk, cashew milk, rice milk, hemp milk, and many more.

milk in glass ready to serve

Nutritionists have said that there is no significant advantage in taking plant-based milk as most do not have as much nutrients as cow milk. When compared to cow milk, only soy milk comes close in terms of nutrition. When it comes to calories, only oat milk comes close and when it comes to the sugar content, only oats and hazelnuts come close. The others require the addition of sweeteners. Generally, most of them tend to have fewer calories, less fat, more water content, and less protein. However, some have more vitamins than cow milk. For instance, almond and flaxseed milk have more calcium than cow milk.

Plant-based milk are good alternatives for those who are lactose intolerant, allergic to milk, on a vegan diet, concerned about inflammation, battling Crohn’s disease, or worried about the effect of raising cows on the environment. If not, you can just choose to once in a while change the taste of the milk you consume and opt for one of the varieties of plant-based milk.