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Has the year been fulfilling or challenging for you? Do you need a place to revamp, relax, and release the negative vibes you’ve received this year? Or do you seek to have memorable moments with friends and family but do not know where to go in light of the Covid 19 restrictions on movement into many countries? Fret no more. Secure Capital has got you covered. We bring to your consciousness five fantabulous places you can visit within Nigeria and its environs. The good news is you don’t have to break the bank to visit these places. And rest assured that you will have the time of your life. So, hurry up, pick your calendar, and get ready to plan a trip to any of these places this December. You can thank us later.


Are you a lover of nature? Do you enjoy the calmness and the bliss nature provides? Has it been your desire to see animals in their natural habitat and not in cages or bottles? Do you have little ones whom you would love to see something other than glass structures and animated pictures? Then, Lekki Conservation Center is for you. It’s a breath of fresh air in the hustle and bustle of Lagos. Asides you having the opportunity to partake in the longest canopy bridge walk in Africa, you also get to enjoy a 3D view of Lagos. This is in addition to games, picnics, and other exciting opportunities. It’s an offer you don’t want to miss.


This is famously known as the place Nigeria was named. It’s about 1,500 feet or 458.3 meters above sea level and this is certainly not a feat for those who are scared of heights. But for all those who are not, it’s a worthwhile adventure. Asides from the serenity and coolness of the place which is a sharp contrast to the hot weather that characterizes Kogi, the breathtaking view of the entire state, the lucid view of Rivers Niger and Benue and their confluence, and the tour of the artefacts on the hill (Lord Lugard’s Rest House etc) makes the climb worth it. The good news is this luxury is entirely free.


This is located on the outskirts of Enugu in Amaugwe village and though it’s currently managed by a Catholic Monastery, the waterfall is accessible to all. This incredible gift of nature has a soothing and healing effect on its visitors. The allure of the cave and the 30 meters high waterfall has a way of unburdening the mind of its worries. In fact, it had to be made a rule that the waterfall should not be used for deliverance or exorcisms. Trust Nigerians. But in all, it’s a beautiful place to visit.


This remains the only spring in the world that has warm water and cold water flowing side by side. Some historians have claimed that these waters are the wives of a man who after a long fighting period turned into springs through magic. The calm and gentle wife became the cold spring while the troublesome one became the warm spring. Funny, right? Many also believe that the water cures all sorts of ailments and as such take kegs on their trips to store the water. In addition to the spring, there are resorts and other activities that make the visit worth one’s while. So, if you’ve not been there before, you might want to consider going to this priceless life giving spring and get lost in its aura.


If you are looking at a place to give your children the time of their lives, then Dreamworld Africana is the answer you need. It’s truly a place where the excitement never ends. From the bumper cars to the drop towers to the bouncing castles to the games arcade and many more, your children are bound to keep thanking you for years. Trust me. It comes at a small price and is located in Lekki, Nigeria.

Do you have other recommendations of other exciting places, feel free to share with us. Thank you.