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The curtains have been drawn on the year 2020. It is a great time to look back on the past year in retrospect and examine all facets of our lives thoroughly. More importantly, it is very necessary that we look into the financial mirror of our lives in the past 365 days and reflect on all the money decisions we have made thus far. It is imperative that we do this so that we can identify the areas we faltered in our financial journey, identify our areas of strength and weakness as regards our finances, and draw a financial roadmap for the year 2021 that will serve as a guide for our financial walk through the next 365 days. Here are some resolutions as regards to your savings and investment that you can adopt in order to achieve more financial success in the coming year.

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Resolution 1

Endeavor to save away at least a tenth of your monthly earnings. This might seem insignificant in the short run but it can grow into a behemoth in the long run. Do not save what is left after spending rather spend what is left after saving. Pay yourself first!

Resolution 2

The truth is that money is a scarce resource, and so it is never enough regardless of how much of it you earn. Wealth is not measured by how much money you make but by how much of it you are able to keep. Detailed budgeting of your expenses keeps you in check and prevents you from reckless spending which can leave you broke and without savings.

Resolution 3

When you save, do it with a purpose in mind, and this should be to invest your money in order to multiply it.  Inflation ensures that the purchasing power of money decreases over time. A million kept in the bank ten years ago may only be worth five hundred thousand today. The real value of money in terms of what it can buy depreciates over time. Thus, it is not exactly wise to keep your money stashed away for nothing. Invest your money and let it work for you!

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Resolution 4

Invest your money in assets and avoid the acquisition of liabilities to the barest minimum. Assets ensure that you have streams of cash-flow into your purse. The more assets you acquire, the closer to financial freedom you get. Assets appreciate in value over time. If you want to grow financially in the coming year, it would be wise to not invest so much of your money in fleeting things like cars or gadgets- these depreciate in value. Focus more on items that can appreciate in value and provide good returns on your investment such as land and stocks.

Resolution 5

It is imperative to have an emergency savings fund stashed away, at least enough money to cover up to six months of living expenses. The future is not very certain, financial woes can beset a person. This is why it is necessary to have enough money kept away to help you bear the brunt of these upsets till you get back on your feet.

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