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The Only True Wisdom Is In Knowing You Know Nothing (Socrates)

Personal development means different things to different people. For most persons, it means ongoing learning needed to build a successful career. For a few others, it means improving on selected areas of weaknesses. This could be cooking, dressing, social etiquette, parenting, and the like. It could even be hair styling for personal purposes. Whatever it is, this sort of learning is geared towards becoming a better person in different areas of life. Studies have shown that many successful people are life-long learners. Most of them commit an average of thirty minutes of their time each day to engage in activities that contribute to their personal development. They know that they have to keep learning to remain relevant.

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Many persons also have this knowledge but do not know how to go about it or find the work-life balance difficult to maintain or even think personal development is a lot expensive. Today, Secure Capital highlights a few cost-effective ways to learn.

1. Travelling: Travelling has been said to be one of the easiest ways to learn about cultures and new developments. There’s a way seeing new things exposes the brain to new realities that reading cannot. Travelling gives one the opportunity to see, to experience and not just imagine or learn from the experiences of others. Thus, intentional trips (not just for relaxation) but for learning are vital tools to grow personally. And if you are worried about funds, contact the Secure Capital Team. They would help you develop a travel plan that suits your budget.

2. Reading: Reading is the next most effective way to learn after traveling. You can be in the corner of your room and learn about cultures one million miles away from you. You can be living in a slum in Lagos and be a prodigy of Joe Biden or any successful person you desire just by reading. You can also learn about new fields, concepts, and ways of doing things by reading. In short, you can learn anything.

3. Volunteering: Surprised? Huh. Volunteering is one of the surest ways to climb up the ladder of success. When you volunteer, you avail yourself of the opportunity to learn new skills, gather work experience, and also boost your mental health. In these crazy times, we are in, volunteering helps many to keep things in perspective.

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4. Training: Workshops, seminars, professional courses; these are awesome ways to invest in personal development. Some of these are free and some come at a fee. Sites like Alison, Futurelearn, Khan Academy, Udemy offer lots of professional courses at very affordable rates. Coursera, EdX courses are not over the board too. Workshops and seminars in one’s areas of interest are ways of earning cpd units or even just growing as a person. You can feature attending this into your plan occasionally.

5. Counselling/ Therapy/ Coaching: Sometimes what we need to advance our personal lives is a mind shift. It could be in the area of finance, relationships, health, business, and the like. There are coaches in all of these areas that offer timely counsel to meet that need. At Secure Capital, there are well—trained financial experts that can help you boost your financial career for a token. So also are there other experts in other fields that can give you the solution you need. Don’t try to solve it all by yourself. Learn to drink from the cisterns of others.