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You have probably been told by a lot of people to put your money into an investment so that it can increase into a larger sum, you might have even tried putting your money into one or two investments and you ended up losing your investment capital, probably because you didn’t have enough information on how or where to invest your capital. We have compiled a list of good investment options that you can put your funds into in this post.

There are a number of investment options available to people willing to put their funds into an investment, we will be discussing a number of them in this post. Investments are generally divided into high yield investment and low yield investment. Both forms of investment have a varying amount of risk attached to them, but high yield investment tends to carry a greater amount of risk compared to the low yield investment.

Some investment options need very little knowledge of how they work, they have a fixed return on investment and a fixed time of investment, so when you put your funds into such investment, you know exactly how much to expect in returns and the time it’s going to take for your investment to mature. Examples of such investment options include high yield savings account, certificates of deposit, money market accounts, treasury securities, FGN Bonds, fund managers, etc. Other types of investments need a good knowledge of the investment option as they carry a significant amount of risk as well as returns, examples of such investment options include stocks, index funds, Exchange-traded funds(ETFs), bonds, Real estate, Gold, cryptocurrencies, forex market, futures trading, etc.


Fund Managers

Investment instruments can be complex in nature and difficult to understand and invest in, so it is sometimes safe to give your funds to experts in the financial market to help you invest your money, they trade on your behalf in the financial market and pay you an agreed-upon ROI monthly or quarterly or yearly. A reputable fund management firm that offers good returns on investment made with them is Secure Capital Limited. Money invested with reputable fund managers is usually safe and has almost zero risks attached to it.

High Yield Account

High yield savings account offer guaranteed returns, though the returns might be small compared to other forms of investment, it can amount to a great sum if left for a long period of time. Banks that offer this type of account are insured by the NDIC, so you don’t have to worry about losing your money.

Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of deposit have higher returns than savings accounts, they are also insured by the NDIC but they have a fixed maturity date, and therefore pulling out your money before the maturity date attracts a penalty. This investment option is best suited for people like retirees who do not need income for a lot of things and can lock up their money for a while. The bank pays interest at regular intervals for certificates of deposit.

Money Market Accounts

Money market accounts earn higher interest than regular savings account and they also require higher minimum balances. There are limits on how many times you can access your funds in a money market account, they are insured by the NDIC so they are relatively safe.

This type of investment instrument is good for investors looking to keep their emergency funds safe, they can have access to it when needed, and it also generates interest on its own.

Treasury Securities

Treasury securities are backed by the Federal Government and are usually raised to pay for projects and debts. They are safe and your principal is secured from loss. They have a set interest rate and a set date of maturity which ranges from one month to thirty years, you will be paid regular returns during the period of investment. They are divided into three, treasury bills, treasury notes, and treasury bonds, each with varying maturity period. This is a good investment for investors looking to invest with minimum risk.

FGN Bonds.

FGN Bonds are debt securities (liabilities) of the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) issued by the Debt Management Office (DMO) for and on behalf of the Federal Government. The FGN has an obligation to pay the bondholder the principal and agreed on interest as and when due. When you buy FGN Bonds, you are lending to the FGN for a specified period of time. The FGN Bonds are considered as the safest of all investments in the domestic debt market because it is backed by the ‘full faith and credit’ of the Federal Government, and as such it is classified as a risk-free debt instrument. They have no default risk, meaning that it is absolutely certain your interest and principal will be paid as and when due. The interest income earned from the securities is tax-exempt.


Stocks are highly volatile investment instruments, and investing in them either in the short term or long term could be very profitable, however, there is also a chance that you could lose all your capital. Investing in a good stock, in the long run, can give you up to 10% returns on your investment per annum.

Index funds

For index funds, the turnover rate, which is the percentage of a fund’s holding that changes every year, is low, so the associated fees and taxes are also low. This investment instrument is good for retirement savings, examples of index funds are S&P 500 Index funds, Nasdaq 100 Index funds, etc.

Exchange Traded Funds(ETFs)

Exchange-Traded Funds, or ETFs, are marketable securities that track indexes, commodities, bonds, or index funds. These are traded like shares on the stock exchange market. ETFs have higher liquidity and do not cost as much as mutual funds, and they are good for long-term investment. Examples of ETFs are SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust, SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF, etc.

Real Estate

Real estate investment is basically investing in a rental property or commercial real estate, or a real estate investment company, that builds apartments or condos. Investors buy single or multiple units of the property and partake in the rent due on the properties. The company is responsible for the management of the property in return.


Although gold is not a currency spent by any country, it has a strong appeal as an investment option because of its value. Gold has delivered an all-time compounded interest growth of about 10%. You can invest in gold by buying a gold stock or a gold ETF.

There are a lot of investment options for you if you are looking into going investment. The options range from low yield investments to high yield investment, each with its own level of risk, it is important that you research any investment instrument you wish to make use of before going into the investment to avoid loss of some of your entire capital, however, if you don’t want to go through the rigor of having to research financial instruments, it is advisable you make use of a reputable fund manager to handle your investment for you. Secure Capital Limited offers you good returns on your capital when you invest with them. Visit www.securecapitallimited.com to start investing today.