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What a time to be alive! It is a new year. It’s a brand new 365 days filled with new chances, new opportunities, and new beginnings. The yuletide season has come and gone. It is time to sit and make fresh plans for the future. Your family, education, and career are very essential arms of your life to make advancement plans for. You must however do all these dutifully without neglecting the financial aspect of your being. It is true that you might have made grave mistakes in the previous year that might have set you back in the achievement of your set goals. This should not deter you in your quest for financial freedom. Pick yourself up from the depths of depression and self-pity and determine to do better this year.

Plan your finances in 2021

In all areas of life where significant improvement is sought after, it is important to draw up a plan that guarantees success. No plan is ever full-proof, but proper planning reduces the risk of failure to the bare minimum. The beginning of each year signifies the start of a new financial journey, a chapter that runs through another 365 days. You need to create a proper financial plan to get your money in order. Here are a few tips to get you started down the right path.

Set financial goals

Clearly write down what your financial goals are for the year in terms of savings and investment and determine to pursue them earnestly.

Create a budget

A budget is a statement of your cash-flow in terms of income and expenditure. It is necessary for you to detail your expenses and income on a monthly basis and ensure to leave a percentage of your monthly income for savings and investment.

Plan your finances in 2021

Avoid debt

Only borrow money if it is for the purpose of acquiring income-generating assets. Live within your means as much as you can, except it is an emergency.

Build an emergency fund

Life can become a rollercoaster ride sometimes. Financial preparedness is necessary to guarantee that you can handle whatever curveball life throws at you. Stash away up to 6 months’ worth of cash in living expenses so that, just in case anything goes south, you will be able to weather the storm.

Acquire real estate

The demand for land will ever increase because of the nature of land which makes it fixed in supply. It is a good investment to acquire real properties like land and houses. These appreciate in value over time and are a sure way to increase your personal net worth.

Plan for retirement

Even if it is still many years far off for you, you must begin planning for your retirement. You can open a pensions’ fund account with a trusted manager, and ensure that your financial burdens in your old age are already well sorted out.

Lastly, Invest your savings this year, use a reputable investment service to grow your savings exponentially this year, don’t just keep your funds in the bank, Invest this new year. Secure Capital Limited is a reliable investment service, visit www.securecapitallimited.com to start investing today.