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Ibara, Abeokuta, Ogun State

New Dawn Garden/Cluster

New Dawn Garden/Cluster

OPIC Agbara/Igbesa Estate
3 Bedroom Bungalow
Outright Purchase - N 12,000,000
Investment Purchase (6 months) - N 8,000,000
Investment Purchase (12 months) - N 5,000,000
2 Bedroom Terrace Bungalow
Outright Purchase - N 5,000,000
Investment Purchase (6 months) - N 3,000,000
3 Bedroom Completed Shell
Outright Purchase - N 3,000,000
Investment Purchase (6 months) - N 2,000,000

The New Dawn Gardens & Terraces developments were developed within the OPIC Agbara/Igbesa estate to address the growing demands for modern residential accommodation within the industrial community.

The development consists of 45 units of 3 bedroom-detached bungalows and 52 units of 2-bedroom terrace bungalows finished and ready for occupation.