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Ibara, Abeokuta, Ogun State

Real Estate Management

Real Estate Management

We provide the best deals for our clients when it comes to housing and real estate development thanks to our professional agents in the field. Our way of handling projects which is solely based on applying values that reinforces one another: socio-cultural, experiential and economical values, gives us the ability to raise clients’ project(s) beyond their expectation.

OPIC Agbara Estate

Residential Plot (649sqm) 18m*36m - N 3,200,000

Residential Plot (450sqm) 15m*30m - N 3,000,000

Residential Plot (900sqm) 30m*30m - N 4,500,000

Residential Plot (1800sqm) 30m*60m - N 9,000,000

Commercial/Industrial (1 Hectare) - N 50,600,000 (offer)

New Makun City

Residential Plot (648sqm) - N 5,500,000

Commercial/Industrial (1 Hectare) - N 90,000,000 (offer)


Residential Plot (900sqm) - N 25,000,000

Residential Plot (648sqm) - N 10,000,000 (offer)

Alamala Land

Residential Plot (648sqm) - N 500,000