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In this Gen-Z age, tech skills are the in-thing. With the advancement in technology and digitalization, the knowledge of tech skills is not only the exclusive preserve of a minority but an expedient tool for survival. It is now a common adage that an illiterate person is no longer someone who cannot read or write but someone who cannot use a computer. But beyond chatting and surfing, are there other ways technology can be maximized to make a living?

Concept technology internet and networking.

Yes. In fact, reviews show that tech jobs are one of the most financially rewarding jobs in this age with annual income ranging from six letter figures and above. Reviews have also shown that you do not have to have a BSc degree in Computer Science or Engineering to apply for these jobs. With online courses from sites like Khan Academy, Udemy, Alison, you can change the trajectory of your financial life forever.

Ready to up your game? Consider building your skills in the following areas:

1. Digital Marketing: Digital marketing is simply online marketing. And the need for digital marketers has escalated with the advances in technology. Skilled digital marketers know how to develop strategic contents that would help their organizations hit their target and are therefore in high demand. The good news is you don’t have to be a computer guru to be an expert in this field.

2. Web Development: Web development is trickier. It involves taking a web design created by a client or design team and turning it into a website. And this is done by transcribing understandable languages like English into computer language which involves lots and lots of coding. So, web development is not for the faint at heart but its financial rewards are worth the stress.

Digital Marketing Technology Solution for Online Business Concept.

3. Digital Project Management: In this digital age, project management has gone beyond pen and paper and Microsoft Excel. Knowing how to use tools like SCRUM and AGILE would make you a much sought-after PM.

4. Data Science and Data Analysis: As long as the world exists, there would always be research projects either done by companies, scholars, nations, international organizations, and the like. Knowing how to analyze data is a sure way to build side-income.

Not interested in any of these, you can search online for tech skills in your areas of interest and take courses that would help you actualize them. If you are still confused, reach out to the Secure Capital Team.