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As the year gradually comes to an end and preparation is being made for the incoming year, below are 3 books on investment that will guarantee you accelerated financial growth in the incoming year. Many have read and have had a positive turn around in their finances. You can join the train too.

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

Though this book was written decades ago, its messages are timeless and well suited for times like these. Whether you are a newbie in the investment world or you are a pro, Graham offers invaluable counsel to every investor. In the book, he teaches the difference between investing and speculating and how to know which areas and companies to invest in. The teachings have been pre-tested and confirmed by many users to be effective. The only challenge is it’s written like a textbook and can be a tedious read. But if you survived all the years of reading boring textbooks that have not really added any value to you, then you can read this too.

The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clanson

Tired of being broke and staying on the lower rung of the economic ladder, then this book is for you. It offers timeless truths about simple keys to generate wealth from the scratch. This is done via parables which adds to the allure of the book. It’s written in very simple language and offers seven practical steps for financial freedom. Get a copy today and thank us later.

The Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu

Before you say that living in Nigeria is hard and all these western principles don’t work here, kindly find attached this book written by a Nigerian that chronicles her journey to financial freedom. It offers simple, tried, and tested principles on getting rid of debt, developing a savings culture, and multiplying one’s income. And the teachings are not only for women. They are good for the men that love them too.

The Millionaire Mind by Thomas J. Stanley

In this book, Stanley does extensive research on the lives of wealthy folks to identify similar behavioural patterns. One of his key findings is that these people often have little or no pressure to prove to the world that they are wealthy. As such, they prefer to invest their money in goods that are durable instead of those that are trending. Their first priority is to increase their wealth and not show off. And because of this mindset, they often have enough money saved that can be used to generate more money. There are many other interesting, unexpected lessons in the book. Do yourself the favor of adding it to your reading collection for the incoming year and you can thank us later. Gracias.

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