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Year 2021 is gradually ebbing away and for some, they are beginning to wonder if this year would not just be like every other year. Good news is the year is still new and if you would adopt some of the methods listed below, you just might be able to make your dreams come true.

optimize your life

1. Identify the “one thing”: Many of us find ourselves daily involved in many activities that often have no significant effect on the pursuit of our goals. House chores, hours spent in traffic (for those living in Lagos), work demands, and the like often place a demand on the little time that we have and thus, impede us from being able to dedicate time to the activities that can help us advance in our career. However, by taking out time to identify the one thing that can guarantee career acceleration and then, taking steps in that direction, one can be assured of slow but steady growth. For instance, if as an academic, publishing academic papers guarantees career advancement, then, dedicating 30 minutes of each day to this activity consistently can aid the fulfillment of this goal.

2. Let your immediate relations understand this “one thing”: Some might think this unnecessary but getting one’s family or colleagues to understand this “one thing” would not only aid accountability but can also be a great support system for the accomplishment of this goal.

3. Identify your flow-time: this is the time when your brain is at its peak. It could be early in the morning or midnight or evening. Just take some time to study yourself and identify this period. Then, structure your day to include the accomplishment of your “one thing” within this period. In addition, identify two major tasks you have to accomplish each day amidst the multitude of tasks you have. Focus on accomplishing these two tasks. By doing this, you give your brain a sense of accomplishment and an eagerness to do more.

optimize your life

4. Eat healthily and get adequate rest: Only a healthy brain and body can work effectively. So, make it a priority to eat healthily. More importantly, ensure to get intermittent breaks of at least 10 mins every hour at work and adequate rest after work. That keeps the brain refreshed and energized.

5. Learn to delegate: There would never be enough time to do everything. Learn to delegate as much work as you can so there can be ample time to focus on what is really essential.

6. Lastly, incorporate the habit of reading a book or some form of educational literature into your daily routine. It is worthy of note that a good percentage of the wealthiest, most successful people in the world today are avid readers. Optimize your mind with books that inspire you to become a better version of yourself. Knowledge gained is always valuable, no matter how inconsequential it may seem at the time.

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