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What an Ideal Morning Routine should look like

When you wake up in the morning, what are the first things you do? Do you jump off the bed, rush into the bathroom and then race to the office or do you have clear, consistent steps you follow to maximize your day?

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Studies have shown that many successful persons have clear, consistent steps they follow. For instance, Benjamin Franklin, has a 3hr morning routine that includes a time for meditation in which he answers the question, “what good shall I do today?”

Research has proven that engaging in clearly defined activities consistently in the early hours of the morning can help in optimizing the day. An ideal morning routine should therefore include activities that help rejuvenate the body physically, mentally, and emotionally.

However, because men are different and do not have the same likes and dislikes, our ideal morning routines can’t be the same. Activities that are replenishing for Mr. A might not be for Mr. B. It is therefore expedient to understand one’s physiology and use that information to develop a routine that works.

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Examples of activities some have found helpful include laying of bed (gives a feeling of fulfillment in the morning and offers soothing comfort to one’s tired bones in the evening); exercising (gets the organs rolling and makes the body healthier); identifying two important activities you must finish in a day (finishing them gives a sense of accomplishment and also gives room for more tasks); meditating (clears the mind and lifts the spirit); journalling (helps in gaining clarity and releasing emotions); reducing screen time or checking social media notifications early in the morning (helps the eyes and prevents one from starting the day on a reactive mood) taking a glass of water (uncountable health benefits) and taking lemon and water (boosts immunity)

Incorporating some of these activities into your morning routine would not only help you maximize your day but would also help you live healthier and more meaningful lives.